Shop UPF50+ Gloves for Men

Solbari UPF 50+ gloves for men are designed to provide maximum sun protection with comfort and style. Solbari sun protective gloves come in three styles. We have a UPF 50+ sun protective driving glove, sports glove and fingerless sports glove. Our UV blocking gloves can be used for a variety of different activities. Our driving gloves have been designed to protect your hands from sunburn and skin ageing whilst driving your car. Our UPF 50+ driving gloves are lightweight, breathable and come with extra grip on the palm to aid steering wheel control. Our UPF50+ sun protective sports gloves come in two colours and have a velcro strap to help with sizing. Our fingerless UV gloves have been designed for activities that necessitate the use of your fingertips like cycling and fishing. Our sun protection gloves are designed in Melbourne, Australia. Solbari offers free shipping options.