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Solbari Sun Protection has designed a range of UPF 50+ sun umbrellas offering a range of colours and sizes depending on your needs. The Solbari UPF50+ ultra compact UV blocking umbrella comes as 21 inch umbrella for people who are focused on portability. The Solbari UPF 50+ compact comes as a 23 inch umbrella for extra UV 50+ protection coverage. Our sun protection umbrellas are great for people who'd rather carry an UV umbrella rather than wear a sun hat. Solbari Sun Umbrellas utilise a fabric which has been independently tested and rated UPF 50+ by the Australian Government which is the maximum sun protective rating available in the World. The Solbari UV umbrella benefits from an automatic open and close button for convenience. The Solbari SPF 50+ sun protection umbrella comes with a protective pouch to store the umbrella when it is not in use. The Solbari UPF sun protection umbrella was designed in Melbourne, Australia. Solbari offers free shipping options.