What does SOLBARI mean?

SOLBARI combines the words sun (SOL) and barrier (BARI). All our products protect your skin with an effective sun barrier against ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Where are your headquarters?

We are an Australian company based in Melbourne.

Do you have shops?

Our stylish products are available on our website, in dermatology clinics and the Cancer Council Victoria. Please contact us at us if you need help.

What does your logo represent?

Being Aussie, we like going to the beach and one day we noticed this big sun umbrella and thought it would be prefect for our logo. Inside the umbrella, our talented graphic designer drew the S for sun (Sol) and the B for barrier (Bari). There is also a subtle plus between the letters to reflect that all our products provide the highest protection available and are rated UPF 50+.

How do your garments fit?

Our garments fit true to size. They have a nice flattering shape without being baggy or too tight. Before you purchase, we strongly recommend you check our size chart.

Is your sizing consistent throughout your range?

Yes it is! Once you know your size with us, you can buy the same size for all your other SOLBARI garments.

Please just note that if you want your Water and Active wear skin tight, then we recommend you order one size smaller than your usual size. If you want it for everyday wear, then you can select your usual size.

Do all summer garments have the same sun protection as SOLBARI?

No. SOLBARI gives you the highest sun protection possible of UPF 50+ and covers large areas of your skin and blocks more than 98% of UVA and UVB rays.

In comparison, most other summer clothing provides very little protection. Research shows that a thin white cotton t-shirt only has a UPF of 5 leaving your skin exposed to sun damage!

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends sun protective clothing as the first line of defense against the sun, then comes sunscreen.

Do regular cotton and bamboo garments protect like your Sensitive Fabric?

No. Our Sensitive fabric is different to other cotton and bamboo fabrics. Our certified organic cotton and bamboo are grown without the use of chemicals, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilisers. It took 18 months to develop it and worked closely with scientists and fabric experts and to obtain the highest sun protection factor of UPF50+. You can think of it as sun protection SPF50+ built inside the yarn of the fabric. 

Do I need to wear sunscreen if I wear SOLBARI clothing?

You need to wear sunscreen on areas, which are not covered by your SOLBARI.

If you are wear a hat, we recommend that you still wear sunscreen on your face and neck as UV rays can be reflected from the ground, water and snow.

I have problems with my skin, can I wear SOLBARI?

We also cater for people with skin problems and those who need to avoid sun exposure for medical reasons. Our Sensitive fabric is made of natural and certified organic fibers. They do not use harmful chemicals, insecticides or pesticides. They are gentle on the skin, naturally soft and anti-odour, lightweight and rated UPF50+.

What does UPF mean and why is it important?

UPF stands for Ultra Protection Factor. This indicates how much of the sun’s UV radiation is blocked by the fabric before it reaches your skin. Our rating is the highest achievable, which is UPF50+ on all our products. This means that 98% of broad spectrum UVA and UVB rays are blocked by the fabric and cannot damage your skin. Our products act as the sun barrier that you wear!

What is the difference between UPF and SPF?

UPF is the protection rating given to Fabrics and SPF is for Sunscreen.

Can I wear my SOLBARI in the water?

Yes but only our Active and Water range as our fabric is both chlorine and salt water resistant.

How do I care for my SOLBARI?

Always read and follow the washing instructions on the care label for the garments and the swing tag for the hats.

You can also find the washing instructions by going directly to the product page.

Where can I purchase SOLBARI?

Online on

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do!  

How can I find our more on how to maintain a healthy skin and information about skin cancer?

We keep you posted through our informative blog. To receive it, please sign up on the bottom of our website.

Do you give medical advice?

No, we don’t. We are not medical Doctors. If you have questions relating to your health or skin, you need to contact your GP or dermatologist directly. Our blog is for information purposes only.

How do you recommend I keep my skin healthy and sunburn free?


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