Discover our collection of women’s UPF50+ sun hats

Save up to USD$75 on your order. Limited time only.

Save up to USD$75 on your order. Limited time only.

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Sun Hats for Women

Solbari sun hats for women offer generous UPF50+ sun protection, comfort, and style so you can enjoy your day in the sun with confidence. Providing full coverage for your face, neck, and even shoulders, our range of women’s sun hats are the perfect preventative solution against the negative impact of prolonged UV exposure. Designed to be fashionable yet functional, our women’s sun hats are perfect for beach days, hiking, and many more outdoor activities. 

Our women’s sun hats feature varying lengths of broad brims that comply with Cancer Council standards to provide high sun protection and full face and neck coverage from direct sun. As well as full protection from the sun, our extensive range of sun hat styles gives you plenty of choice, from elegant women’s bucket hats to beach hats with extra wide brims for full coverage of the face, eyes, ears, and back of the neck. 


UPF50+ Women's Sun Hats to Protect You from the Sun

Our face, neck, nose, and ears are particularly vulnerable to the sun, receiving more exposure than any other part of the body. With the right broad-brim hat, the head is easy place to protect. Yet about 80% of non-melanoma skin cancers still occur on the head or neck across the US.

All our women’s sun hats are designed with prevention in mind, with broad brims and UPF50+ fabric. Our broad brim design ensures that your face, neck, and shoulders are all fully covered from direct UV rays to increase your protection against UV-related skin and health issues. Our UPF50+ fabric is utilized to increase your defense against UV damage and shield your skin from excessive sun exposure to protect it from skin cancer, melasma, sun spots, and other lasting damage. UPF50+ is the highest sun protective rating in the world for clothing and sun hats and blocks at least 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. This makes our women’s sun hats the perfect solution for Americans who want to be able to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about prolonged UV exposure across the year. 

Australia is a world leader in sun protection, which is why we design our Solbari hats to strict Australian standards. All our hats are rigorously tested and awarded the UPF50+ rating by the Australian Government. No exceptions. 

These women’s summer hats are not just stylish and sun smart. They’re also designed with a lightweight, breathable fabric that ensures you stay cool and comfortable in the heat. Made with versatility in mind, you’ll be able to find the right style and fit for your needs within our range of sun-protective hats for women. With different sizes available or adjustable sizing via a drawstring at the back, you can be confident your hat will fit snugly on your head throughout the day. Design features such as high-quality moisture-wicking sweatbands and mesh paneling on the sides of our women's sun hats will keep you cool, while removable chin straps will keep your hat secure, even on windy days. 


Women’s Sun Hats for Every Occasion

Through our commitment to empowering a sun-smart life, we have designed a diverse range of hats so you can find the perfect style for your favorite outdoor activities. 

Our women’s visor hats are designed to belong on the golf course or the tennis court. With features that include a generous brim that protects your eyes from glare, adjustable fastening, and an integrated sweatband, our tennis visors and golf sun hats will allow you to play in comfort. 

For a little more leisure, our women’s travel and packable sun hats are constructed with a lightweight material that can be easily folded and packed in your luggage without losing its shape. 

Many of our women’s sun hats are designed to be reversible, with contrasting fabrics or colors, so you can style them easily with different outfits and still look fabulous. They’re two hats in one — perfect for travel!

At Solbari, we strive for a world without skin cancer. All Solbari sun protective products are designed in Melbourne (Australia) with UPF50+ fabric (the highest sun protective rating in the world) to ensure your skin is fully protected for a worry-free time outside with no fear of UV damage to your skin. We also provide worldwide shipping to ensure sun safety is achievable across the globe. Browse our range of Solbari women’s big sun hatsfloppy sun hats, and bucket hats online today, as well as our sun hats for kids and men's rangeand start enjoying the outdoors in sun-smart Solbari style.

Sun Hats for WomenSolbari sun hats for women offer generous UPF50+ sun protection, comfort, and style so you... Sun Hats for WomenSolbari sun hats for women offer generous UPF50+ sun protection, comfort, and style so you can enjoy your day in the sun with confidence. Providing...