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UPF50+ Arm Sleeves for Sun Protection

Solbari UPF50+ sun sleeves protect the arms from harmful UV rays when you’re wearing regular short sleeve t-shirts or short sleeve polos. 

Made with a UPF50+ fabric, these arm sleeves give you the highest quality sun protection you can find so that you can spend more time outdoors without worrying about the sun. 

Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation, our arm sleeves for women and men are sold as a pair so you have perfect sun protection for each arm. 

They are lightweight and breathable, with many styles providing the option of discrete thumb holes to give you even more coverage over your hands.

Sun Sleeves to Protect the Arms

Designed with prevention in mind, our sun blocker sleeves protect your arms from excessive UV exposure that can lead to skin cancer, sun spots, and other lasting damage.

Using world-leading Australian sun protection innovation, we design our Solbari arm sleeves to strict Australian and American standards using a lightweight material that keeps you cool on even the hottest days.

Our UPF50+ fabric blocks at least 98% of UVA and UVB rays, providing the same level of protection as SPF50+ sunscreen, except without the need for reapplication.

So how do we guarantee our arm sleeves protect your skin from the sun?

All our UV sleeves are independently tested and rated UPF50+, giving them the highest sun protective rating for clothing available in the world. 

Solbari sleeves are designed to minimise sun damage on the skin by providing total coverage from the bicep to the wrist.

Many of our arm sleeves come with the option to purchase them with or without thumb holes. 

Our arm sleeves with thumb holes provide additional protection over the hand to the knuckle — especially ideal for cycling and driving when the backs of your hands will receive more sun exposure. They can also be worn comfortably without using the thumb holes for protection up to the wrist.

Long Arm Sleeves with UV Protection for All Your Outdoor Activities

It is possible to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle in comfort and with peace of mind. Solbari is committed to empowering you to live a sun smart life. 

Our sun sleeves and arm sleeves are available in a range of lightweight and cooling styles to suit all your favorite outdoor activities, including gardening and golfing. 

If you have sensitive skin, try the arm sleeves from our Sensitive Collection. Made with a natural cotton/bamboo blend, these sun sleeves are recommended by medical experts for those with skin sensitivities and skin allergies, including eczema and psoriasis.

Arm sleeves from our CoolaSun Collection feature the lightest fabric in our collection, made with a moisture-wicking and anti-odour material that can make you feel cool and refreshed.

This lightweight material ensures your arm sleeves remain compact so they can easily fit in your pocket until you need them. 

Solbari is about combining sun protection with style. Our elegant ranges of women’s sun sleeves and men’s arm sleeves both come in subtle colors or you can choose a two-tone twist for a sophisticated pop of color. 

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UPF50+ Arm Sleeves for Sun ProtectionSolbari UPF50+ sun sleeves protect the arms from harmful UV rays... UPF50+ Arm Sleeves for Sun ProtectionSolbari UPF50+ sun sleeves protect the arms from harmful UV rays when you’re wearing regular short sleeve t-shirts or short...