Your Story Series: Kaitlyn Kirkconnell

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Your Story Series: Kaitlyn Kirkconnell
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What is your name? 

Kaitlin Kirkconnell.

Describe yourself in 3 to 5 words.

Adventurous, cautious, mindful.

Do you have any skin condition? 

I have sensitive skin and find polyester irritates me sometimes causing breakouts or rashes.

What is your attitude towards sun protection today?

I am way too busy having fun to remember to put on sunscreen and my main hobby is climbing (no climber wants greasy sunscreen hands) so I love Solbari shirts for climbing and all sorts of adventure. I just think they are the most comfortable and cool.

What would you tell your 16-year-old self about taking care of your skin and sun protection?

So I know you never liked your childhood face freckles, but hated how sunscreen felt greasy and sweat into your eyes even more. But trust me, but sun spots on your face are definitely not cute. Those 10 different tan lines you keep getting from wearing different shirts, or missing sunscreen on places? It's so much nicer to avoid both by wearing light breathable sleeves! Seriously! Being a kid is all about not worrying, and as an adult I think a lot more about sun damage and cancer. Wearing something with UPF just takes one thing off my worry list so I can look my best and be hardcore out in nature. You cared so much about looks in high school, but sun protecting wasn't really a "real" danger. These light cotton jackets make it easy to go from lounging indoors to walking the dog to hiking in a national park with ease, a cute outfit, and no sunburn.

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