The A B C D E of skin checking

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The A B C D E of skin checking
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Identifying skin cancer can be difficult because it can present itself in various shapes and sizes, making it challenging for an untrained eye to spot. However, catching skin cancer early can significantly increase the chances of avoiding surgery, disfigurement, or even death, according to experts like Associate Professor Rosemary Nixon from the Skin Health Institute. It is crucial to regularly check your skin for new spots or changes to existing moles or freckles. 

To perform these checks, expert bodies such as The Skin Health Institute and Cancer Council Australia recommend doing so once a month in a well-lit room with a full-length mirror and a hand-held mirror for hard-to-see areas. The ABCDE method can help you remember what to look out for when checking your skin. If you are ever unsure about how one of your moles, spots, or freckles looks or changes, don't hesitate to speak to your GP or dermatologist right away. 

ABCDE rule of skin checks

Prevention via sun protection is best 

Protecting your skin is the best way to prevent skin cancer, and it's important to remember that not all fabrics offer the same level of sun protection. Everyday clothing, such as a white cotton t-shirt or hat, may only provide a UPF 5 rating, allowing 20% of UV radiation to reach your skin, equivalent to wearing SPF 5 sunscreen. For better protection against the sun, we recommend wearing sun protective clothing, sun hats, and sunglasses. 

At Solbari, we offer an award-winning range of UPF50+ sun protective clothing, broad-brimmed sun hats, UV arm sleeves, and sunblock umbrellas. With a UPF50+ rating, our products offer the highest available sun protection in the world, blocking at least 98% of UV rays. So, you can enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind knowing that your skin is protected. 

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