Prevention: Body Areas to Protect

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Prevention: Body Areas to Protect
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Melanoma can appear in places all over the body, including in places that don’t get much sun. The places on the body where melanoma is commonly found differ between men and women.

The Head

For men, the head is a common place for skin cancer to occur. The neck is unsurprisingly also at high risk. The belief is that women take better care protecting themselves from the sun by wearing a hat. Also, men usually have thinner hair which offers less protection. 

23% of all skin cancers found in men are located on the head, compared to the 14% found on women. Solbari is home to a range of UPF50+ hats & accessories which offer reliable sun protection against the face, head, neck and ears.

The Arms

A common place for skin cancer to occur for women is the arms. Both the upper and lower parts of the arms are at higher risk, with 25% of all skin cancers in women being discovered on either the left or right arm. Of the UPF50+ clothing & accessories Solbari has on offer, we have designed a range of long sleeve shirts and arm sleeves in fabric designed to soothe and cool the skin.

The Torso

Another place for men where skin cancer is found often is the torso, which ranges from the shoulder and chest down to the hips, and includes both the lower and upper back. 41% of all skin cancers in men are located in the torso area. Our men and women ranges encompass a variety of UPF50+ clothing offering protection to the entire torso area, including t-shirts, polos, turtlenecks, shirts, hoodies and jackets. 

The Legs

For women, the legs are another high-risk area. It’s common for skin cancer to appear on the legs of women, with 38% of all skin cancers found in women found there. Solbari also offers UPF50+ clothing and swimwear to protect the lower body, such as our swimwear & active leggings and trousers. 

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