Men's Health Week: Meet Anthony

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Men's Health Week: Meet Anthony
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Tell us who you are, what you do and where you’re from. 

I'm a retired police officer, model train enthusiast, and Solbari's Marketing Director, Michelle's, dad!

What was your attitude to sun protection when you were younger? 

In my younger years, there were no emphasis on sun protection & no advertising campaigns. In the majority of cases you didn’t realise you had sunburn until later in the afternoon or early evening.

How did you discover your skin cancer and how long ago? 

In May 2008, a small red mark about the size of a pin head was detected on the left side of my nostril. The dermatologist diagnosed it as a skin cancer, specifically basal cell carcinoma.

How did you feel when you were diagnosed? 

On diagnosis, I was concerned as I did not know anything about skin cancers & did not think that I would be the victim of this disease. I was reassured that BCC was quite common & relatively easily treatable.

What treatment did you have?

I was referred to a dermatological surgeon, who used Mohs treatment in removing that BCC. After 3 attempts, she successfully removed that BCC & inserted 30 sutures in & around the area, down the side to the left upper lip.

What is your attitude towards sun protection today? 

I’m a firm believer in using skin protection on a daily basis as I don’t want to incur any further skin cancers.

What are your best sun protection tips? 

Avoid direct sunlight, wear a hat & use sunscreen diligently. Wear long sleeve garments, where possible, in an effort to reduce sun damage. 

What would you tell other men who aren’t too concerned with sun safety and skin protection, especially young men? 

Nobody is invincible and the evidence of sun damage becomes obvious later in life, sometimes with fatal consequences.

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