8 reasons why you should invest in sun protective clothing

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8 reasons why you should invest in sun protective clothing
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There are a number of published articles online considering whether it makes sense to spend the extra money on sun protective clothing versus regular clothing?

In this blog we discuss 8 reasons why you should invest in sun protective clothing.

1. Specialist approved sun protection clothing gives you peace of mind that the fabrics used are indeed sun protective.

Until a fabric is formally tested it is not clear what level of protection you are getting from your clothing. A regular t-shirt may only have a UPF as low as 5, equivalent to wearing SPF5 sunscreen which means that 20% of UV rays are penetrating the fabric. This compares to a fabric which has been tested and rated UPF50+, which is equivalent to wearing SPF50+ sunscreen and protects from at least 98% of UV rays.

2. Sun protection clothing incorporates functional design to minimize direct sun exposure to your skin.

Sun protective clothing and sun hats are specifically designed with sun protection in mind. A sun protective shirt is likely to include collars, long sleeves and thumbholes so that you can protect the back of your hands. A sun protective sun hat will include a broad brim and may include other features like a legionnaire flap to protect your neck and ears.

3. Specialized UPF 50+ sun protective clothing can keep you cool in hot, sunny conditions.

As well as the excellent UPF 50+ rating and functional design of sun protective clothing, it also utilises fabrics that are lightweight, moisture wicking and breathable so that they are comfortable to wear in hot, sunny conditions.

4. Sun protective clothing brands have come a long way in the last decade, there are now a number of stylish options available.

There are a number of specialized sun protective clothing brands including our own which are focused on providing sun protective clothing ranges. It is now possible to wear sun protective clothing, be smart and look smart at the same time.

5. The medical experts agree.

Dermatologists universally agree that sun protective clothing and broad brim sun hats are the best way to protect yourself from UV radiation.

Wearing a UPF50+ shirt is equivalent to getting the benefit of SPF50+ sunscreen but with greater certainty of protection because a shirt provides consistent protection whereas sunscreen can rub off or become less effective through perspiration or movement throughout the day. Most people often apply less amount of sunscreen than recommended and then forget to reapply every two hours to help maintain the protection level. This leaves them susceptible to sunburn, skin ageing and increased likelihood of skin cancer.

6. In the unfortunate event that someone develops a melanoma, the initial expense of sun protective clothing is minimal versus the cost of treating melanoma skin cancer where you are exposed to the cost of treatment.

If there isn’t government or private health insurance support, the cost of remedial surgery or a course of treatment can cost several thousands of dollars.

7. Up to 90% of skin ageing is due to overexposure to sunlight.

Forget moisturizers and corrective surgery, the secret to youthful skin is to limit your exposure to sunlight. The sun causes proteins in our skin to deteriorate, leading to the loss of our youthful appearance over time. On the bright side, this type of aging can be prevented with proper sun protection.

8. Buying a sun protective shirt is an investment in your long-term health.

Sun protective clothing protects the largest organ we have and we can’t trade it for another one. Investing in trusted UPF50+ sun protection like Solbari sooner could mean avoiding paying for it with your skin at a later time.

Solbari Sun Protection is the leading Australian sun protective clothing brand with customers in over 60 countries. Solbari offers an award-winning range of UPF50+ sun protective clothing, sun hats, arm-sleeves and umbrellas.

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