Why do I need protective clothing from the sun?

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Why do I need protective clothing from the sun?
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Why do I need protective clothing from the sun?

This blog outlines a number of compelling reasons why UPF 50+ sun protective clothing is recommended to protect you from UV overexposure. 

Too much sun can damage your skin in multiple ways. 

You can experience sunburn which can be uncomfortable at best and cause severe pain, maybe even scaring from blistering in extreme circumstances. UV exposure is the main contributor to skin ageing. Too much sun results in your skin becoming saggy and wrinkled. 

Around 90 percent of skin cancers are caused by sun exposure. When detected early the 5 year survival rate for melanoma (a type of skin cancer) is 99 percent. If detected at an advanced stage that survival rate falls to closer to 30% according to the American Cancer Society.

 Skin cancer affects a lot of people

Skin cancer is not an obscure cancer that affects only a handful of people. It is one of the most common cancers in the World. 

Due to the harsh sunny conditions, two in three Australians will be impacted by skin cancer by the age of 70 according to Cancer Council in Australia.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 Americans will experience skin cancer by the age of 70. More than 2 people die of skin cancer every hour in the US. They also highlight that over 5,000 people globally die from skin cancer every month.

Skin cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in the World

The diagnosis and treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers in the US has increased by 77 percent between 1994 and 2014 (Skin Cancer Foundation).

Skin cancer also affects people under the age of 40

According to the American Cancer Society, Melanoma is one of the most common cancers amongst young adults (aged between 20 and 49), particularly women.

The Australian Government note that around 10 percent of all detected Melanomas in Australia are with people under the age of 40. 

Sun protective clothing is the most effective way to prevent skin damage from the sun

The Skin Cancer Foundation confirms that sun protective clothing is the most effective form of sun protection. Protective clothing provides an effective sun shield. The colour, garment construction, fabric composition, and fit impact the UPF sun protective rating. The body coverage provided by a garment also plays an important role in terms of sun protection effectiveness. Sun hats are particularly important in protecting your face, scalp and neck from the sun. 

Skin damage caused by the sun is cumulative so its never too late to protect yourself

A significant proportion of skin damage from the sun occurs after the age of 65 but there are some worrying behavioural trends.

Perhaps there is a mentality that it's too late or the damage is already done. This is clearly not the case as skin damage caused by the sun is cumulative. 

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the US notes that sunburn incidence rates amongst older adults is nearly twice as high (at 20 percent). In a survey undertaken by the CDC, 18 percent of older adults in the US said that they didn’t use any kind of sun protection regularly. 

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