What is a good alternative to sunscreen?

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What is a good alternative to sunscreen?
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Many people struggle with sunscreen. Firstly, you need to have it to hand at the right time. A lot of people are unsure about how much to apply or apply inadequate amounts. Most people forget to reapply or don’t realise that the sunscreen applied will become less effective over a few hours or if they have been in the water or perspired. Sunscreen can feel heavy on the skin, give rise to irritation or result in an adverse skin reaction.

So, if any or all of the above applies to you then this blog outlines some practical sun protection alternatives to sunscreen. 

Sun protective clothing 

You have heard of SPF rated sunscreen. Well, clothing can also be sun protective and can have a sun protection rating which is called UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor. UPF is for fabrics what SPF is for sunscreen. The idea of covering up in the summer sun might feel somewhat counterintuitive but the beauty of sun protection clothing is that you get excellent sun protection and is also comfortable to wear in hot, sunny conditions. Some fabrics even having cooling properties which can help moderate your body temperature. 

Dermatologists, who are highly trained specialists in skin conditions, recommend UPF 50+ sun protective clothing as the best way to protect yourself from sun exposure, sunburn, skin ageing, skin cancer and melanoma.

Broad brim sun hats

Next time you are out and about on a sunny day have a look around at how many people are wearing a sun hat. You may see a number of baseball caps but it’s surprising how few people protect themselves from the sun with a UPF 50+ broad brim sun hat.

Sun protective umbrella

A specialist UPF 50+ sun umbrella is a great way to protect yourself from UV exposure as you are out and about. You can still get incidental sun exposure from the reflection off water, snow and other surfaces but using a sun umbrella in conjunction with a sun hat and sun protective clothing will have you well covered.

UPF 50+ Neck gaiter

Neck gaiters are a fantastic sun protective accessory which are highly versatile. Not only do they protect your neck and ears (an area often overlooked) but they can be pulled up to cover the lower half of your face entirely. If you are going on an expedition of some description and need specific neck and face sun protection, this will do the job well.

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