Prevention Saves Lives: A Report into Melanoma

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Prevention Saves Lives: A Report into Melanoma
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Last week, Melanoma Institute Australia (MIA) released their 2022 State of the Nation Report addressing the current state of skin cancer and melanoma amongst Australians, calling on Government to urgently provide increased action and funding to tackle their alarming incidence and impact across the country. 

Our Nation’s Cancer 

A lengthy 177 pages, the landmark Report involved widespread national input from melanoma patients, carers, clinicians, researchers, and policy leaders over the last 18 months. 

It estimates that without critical action being taken, by 2030 a further 14,000 Australians will die from melanoma, 205,000 will be diagnosed with the disease, and the economic cost to the nation will be $8.7 billion. 

The ultimate cost of our nation’s cancer has more than merely financial implications: over the last two years, an estimated 81,000 Australians missed their annual skin checks during COVID lockdowns. 

The report also highlights that melanoma deaths in Australia exceed the road toll (1,384 vs 1,113 expected in 2020), yet road safety funding dramatically exceeds melanoma awareness and prevention funding. 

The Report outlines a five-point strategy critical to achieving zero deaths from melanoma by 2030 which directly coincide with Solbari’s mission to see a world without skin cancer: 

  1. Implement a national melanoma prevention and awareness campaign  
  2. Invest in Australia’s high impact research
  3. Improve early detection and targeted screening program
  4. Reduce variation in diagnosis and treatment
  5. Establish a model for melanoma supportive care and survivorship 

Solbari is committed to reducing skin cancer worldwide.  

Australians are well versed in the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation overexposure. And yet, for all we know about the dangers of too much sun, there is too little public knowledge on the benefits of Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) clothing. Solbari Sun Protection hopes to change that. 

Ignited by the disparity between Australia’s high incidence of skin cancer and its ultimate preventability, Solbari aims to provide high quality, reliable UPF50+ sun protective clothing and accessories across the globe. Above all, Solbari wishes to empower you to embrace the outdoors with confidence, style, and comfort. 

To read the 2022 State of the Nation Report, click here. 

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