Does the sun age your skin?

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Does the sun age your skin?
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Skin aging due to sun exposure is a bit like the health consequences of smoking. Smoking was cool in the 60s. Only later did people realize how addictive it is and how damaging it was for their health. Back in the day, people didn’t know that too much sun would result in premature skin aging and skin cancer. Well, the results are in and over 90% of skin aging is due to sun exposure. This knowledge has been popularised through social media in recent years. You may have seen the photos of the truck driver whose skin is ravaged on one side of his face, the side which is exposed to the sun through the window of his truck.

Despite this increased understanding, the suntan remains fashionable today. It’s not particularly glamorous to highlight that the overwhelmingly most effective way to slow down the skin aging process is to not expose yourself to the sun. Putting aside the topic of whether a suntan is on trend or not you are probably also wondering, well that’s great, but how do live my life without going outside.

The great news is that it is absolutely possible to lead an outdoor, active lifestyle without compromise and to also remain protected from the sun.

Every day is an opportunity to slow the skin aging process by being sun savvy. It’s never too late to be sun smart. Knowledge is key and there are few things for you to use to your advantage:

Sun protective clothing and sun hats are the best line of defense against premature skin aging

Not all clothing and sun hats protect the same from the sun. Regular clothing may leave you exposed on a daily basis. Dermatologists around the world all agree that the best way to protect yourself from premature skin aging is to wear a UPF50+ broad brim sun hat and UPF 50+ sun protective clothing. SPF50+ sunscreen is also an effective way to protect skin that remains exposed. In Australia, the Government has issued a public health recommendation to their citizens to wear sunscreen every day like brushing your teeth.

Be aware of UV levels

Understanding that UV is different from temperature and UV varies substantially throughout the year. UV levels are at their highest typically in the middle of the day. If you can avoid prolonged sun exposure in the middle of the day you can materially slow down the skin aging process.

Sunscreen needs to be applied correctly and reapplied

SPF 50+ Sunscreen is an effective way to protect yourself from the sun for areas of the skin which absolutely have to be exposed. Remember to apply adequate amounts of sunscreen around 20 minutes before sun exposure and then to reapply at least every 2 hours.

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