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Solbari blog: What is photocontact eczema?

What is photocontact eczema?

This blog explores the photocontact eczema condition and its triggers. Clothing can be difficult to find for those who experience photocontact eczema, as it needs to be highly sensitive, soft, breathable and gentle on the skin. Solbari has developed a sensitive fabric range for those with skin conditions including photocontact eczema. 
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Solbari blog: What is eczema clothing?

What is eczema clothing?

This blog outlines what is eczema clothing. Eczema clothing should utilise natural fibres that are soft on the skin to minimise irritation. Eczema clothing should be light and breathable help regulate body temperature in both hot and cold conditions. Lastly eczema clothing should offer excellent UPF sun protection.
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