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Don't let a nasty sunburn ruin your holiday! To fully enjoy your holiday and the outdoors, make sure you take the appropriate measures to protect your skin to keep it healthy and youthful.

Dermatologists recommend exposing as little of your skin as possible and wearing a sun hat, sun protective clothing and sun glasses. When you select your garments, opt for sun protective ones that block UV rays. 

Skin cancer is both preventative and cumulative.

SOLBARI offers a stylish range of clothing, swimwear and sun hats which are tested and rated UPF50+ and block 98% of UV rays. The UPF rating is for fabrics what SPF is to sunscreen. You can think of a UPF50+ fabric rating as the equivalent to SPF50+ sunscreen. These are the highest and best ratings available.

Below are the 7 areas which people often forget to protect and can cause serious sunburns and skin damage...

1. Ears: Have you ever had blistering, peeling ears? Well, it's pretty painful and not a good look. Don't forget to apply sunscreen on your ears, the upper area and behind them. 

2. Eyelids: It's a very delicate area, where the skin is sensitive and thin. Use a sunscreen which doesn't irritate the eyes. Category 3 sunglasses will help protect the eyes as well as a wide brim sun hat.

3. Hair line and hair part: The top of the head is an area where the sun's rays hit hard.

4. Back of neck: Apply and re-apply. Getting a sunburn in that area can be prevented by wearing a collared shirt, applying sunscreen and a wide brim hat with a downward sloping brim.

Wide brim sun hats provide good coverage and protection against the sun's UV rays. They will keep your face, ears, hair part and hair line protected. Favour a wide brim sun hat to a cap or visor as it will provide you with more sun protection. Choose a UPF50+ rating which will not let sun light through and block 98% of UV rays. 

5. On top of the feet: Been burnt there? We'll you'll know that it's flip flops for a few days. If you're swimming or walking in the water along the beach, remember to reapply sunscreen when out of the water.

6. Under straps: Straps, clothing and swimsuits move throughout the day. Take special care and apply sunscreen not only to the areas around your clothing and swimsuits, but directly underneath them too. Favour clothing that covers large areas of the skin to minimise this problem.

7. Back of the arms, legs and under arms: Wear sun protective clothing that covers those areas otherwise, remember to apply and re-apply sunscreen regularly.

An easy, comfortable and reliable way to stay sun safe is to wear SOLBARI UPF50+ sun protective clothing, swimwear and sun hats. Our stylish products keep you protected so you can enjoy your day in the sun in confidence! 

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Tips On How To Maintain A Healthy Skin

At SOLBARI, we believe that PREVENTION IS THE BEST CURE. According to medical experts, this is particularly true when it comes to skin cancer and melanoma.

Sun exposure has been identified as the cause of 95% to 99% of skin cancers in Australia. 

Now, don't get us wrong. We are not suggesting you live in a cave or indoors when the sun is out, but rather than you use intelligent sun protective measures to help keep your skin safe when outdoors in the sun. 

SOLBARI Sun Protection and Skin Cancer Prevention

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Did you know that work related sun protective clothing, hats and sunglasses are tax deductible in Australia?

Solbari work wear sun protectionOn the Australian Tax Office (ATO) website it is outlined that there are a number of tax deductions that can be made in relation to clothing, laundry and dry cleaning expenses specifically related to your occupation.

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SOLBARI Winner of 2016 Healthy Skin Award

Johanna & Gareth Young Healthy Skin Awards 2016We are delighted to announce that SOLBARI won last night a Healthy Skin Award presented by The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. We thank The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. for their ongoing support of SOLBARI and Ego Pharmaceuticals for sponsoring the Award. The Healthy Skin Awards are presented by The Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc. to individuals and organisations "who strive for excellence through the effective provision of skin health services and the promotion of skin health."


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